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Why Mobile First Is a Big Deal

In 2016, mobile web usage exceeded desktop web usage - a trend that began much earlier and caused Google to launch a mobile-first website initiative as early as 2010.  Fast forward to July 1, 2019, and we find that Google has changed its website indexing to Mobile First. Fast forward to July 1, 2019, and we find that Google has changed its website indexing to Mobile First. This means that they’ll use the mobile version of your web page for indexing and ranking.  

We've got a mobile responsive site.  Isn't that enough?

Mobile responsive designs mean that the site designed for a PC is squeezed into the small spaces allowed by mobile and tablet devices.  Responsive designs can be very good for certain content.  But Google and the other search engines are prioritizing the importance of a website designed first for mobile, and then expand that to desktop versions.  

At Smart Site Studio, we understand those mobile first design principles and incorporate them into our client's sites, and at the same time create the well designed desktop version.

So, important design ideas that focus on the way content is displayed, buttons are designed, colors images, and video are chosen, and the way menus and search functions operate are incorporated into all of our designs. 

Whether you're building a simple personal website or a full-functioned business site, our platform handles it all, complete with hosting, and training.  You can do it yourself, or have us build it for you.

Here's a reminder from Google that discusses mobile first's impact on your ranking, and search results:


Beautiful Smart Site Studio Designs

Take a look at just a few of the website designs available to you - created first with mobile design concepts then adding a beautiful desktop version of the mobile base.

Desktop adaptive - perfect on mobile

Build once, work everywhere. Our technology gives you pixel perfect websites that look great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Seamlessly and without any specific effort from you.

Tons of beautiful ready-made templates

Creating beautiful websites is a breeze with our system: you can choose among dozens and dozens of ready made, astonishing templates that will allow you to be online immediately - with style

A flexible and modular approach

All websites are built using widgets - flexible and powerful components that you can use, re-use and clone to build the perfect combination for your needs, with minimum effort and maximum results

Effective lead generation tools

Generating leads is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons, entering your email and choosing a widget. That's all you will have to do to create an online lead-capturing machine - in a snap

Digital coupons - easy as a pie

Virtual coupons are a great tool for capturing new leads and growing sales. You will be able to create, manage and share all the digital coupons you want, easy for you and for your customers

Virtual loyalty cards - ready to be used

A great way to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues is offering virtual loaylty cards. Use this platform to create and manage all the loyalty cards you want - for you or for your customers

Scratchards - for fun and for business

Scratch'n'win games are awesome marketing tools to engage your visitors and increase your brand awareness while having moments of fun. Easily build all the scratchards you want with this platform!

Integrations with the most common tools

Working alone is never the best strategy. That's why the platform integrates perfectly with popular marketing tools like MailChimp, that you can use in combination of the leads collection forms